Vision and goals of the Aragvi Protected Landscape

Aragvi Protected Landscape is an attractive region of Georgia, where sustainable activities of local people are maintained and supported to protect its natural values and characteristic landscape and to preserve local cultural traditions.

Aragvi Protected Landscape attracts people by its natural beauties, local traditions and potential for sustainable tourism and ecological education.

  (1) To conserve a typical landscape character with particular natural, landscape and cultural features.
  (2) To support a protection of the natural values of adjacent protected areas – the Pshav Khevsureti National Park.
  (3) To support traditional activities that maintain the characteristic landscape features, esp. sustainable pasturing.
  (4) To support sustainable livelihood of local people and their traditions and customs.
  (5) To preserve sacred places of the national/regional importance (incl. spiritual rituals).
  (6) To secure sustainable use of natural resources.
  (7) To enable sustainable tourism, supported by and supporting local people, with special regard to “nature-friendly” activities (eco tourism).
  (8) To protect rare and threatened habitats and species, incl. Red List species,
  (9) To ensure close cooperation among three regions covered by the Protected Landscape – Pshavi, Khevsureti and Gudamakari.
(10) To promote participation of local communities in decision-making processes and close cooperation with all stakeholders.
(11) To develop and implement basic biodiversity inventory and monitoring activities.
(12) To provide eco-educational activities for wide public