Aragvi Protected Landscape was established on the basis of the Law of Georgia "On creation and Management of Aragvi Protected Landscape" (N. 7102-I 16.09.202) 

   Aragvi Protected Landscape is managed by Dusheti Municipality City Hall through IP Aragvi Protected Landscape Administration. Most of the forest in the protected landscape area ( about 33,000 ha ) is under the control of the National Forestry Agency. 

   According to the law of Georgia "On the System of Protected Areas" ( N 136/1996 & 8), (1) a protected landscape can be established as a natural-cultural landscape of national importance, characterized by high aesthetic value, and formed as a result of the harmonious interaction of both natural and human and natural environments, to protect, for the preservation of the living environment, recreational-tourist and traditional economic activities; and (2) the protected landscape requires a large land area and (or) water area of national importance, where self-contained natural-culltural landscapes are distinguished by high historical and aesthetic values.

   According to the law of Georga "On creation and Management of Aragvi Protected Landscape" (No. 7102-I), the goals of Aragvi Protected Landscape are: 

a) Protection of individual natural components of unique natural ecosystems from degeneration and destruction as a result of anthropogenization;

b) Preservation of the richest national heritage - monuments of flk architectre and historical-cultural landscape;

c) Promoting the creation ( arrangement ) of the ifrastructure necessary to meet the receational needs of the natural landscape and the aesthetic values of the historical-cultural landscape and tourist resources;

d) Preservation and development of traditions of folk art;

e) Balancing socio-economic interests of local communities and environmental issues with active protection of the natural environment and preservaton of traditional agricultural activities.