Welcome to the Argavi Protected Landscape webpage - your virtual guide to the newly established protected area!

About the Aragvi Protected Landscape

The Aragvi is newly designated protected landscape under the law on establishment and management of Aragvi Protected Landscape (No. 7102-Iს) approved by Parliament of Georgia on September 16, 2020 and came into force on January 1st 2021. With an area of almost 99 802 Hectares, it is undoubtedly the largest protected landscape in Georgia.

This webpage was established under the development project ‘Establishment of Sustainable Management of Aragvi Protected Landscape’ (no: GE-2018-022-FO-43040/4‘) supported under the Czech Development Cooperation. Its goal is to establish a webpage providing a platform for sharing the information by the Aragvi Protected Landscape Administration with inhabitants and visitors, and also sharing news about ongoing projects and their outputs.

Recently, the webpage is run by the above quoted project. During 2021, it will be handed over to the Aragvi Protected Landscape Administration (recently under establishment).

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