Aragvi Protected Landscape Administration

Aragvi Protected Landscape Administration was established on March 4, 2021. The administration is headed by the director of administration. Administration structure: resource management specialist; Eco-education and public relations specialist; Tourism specialist, historical and cultural heritage specialist; Three security guards (rangers) and an accountant. The project team composed of the Czech experts supports the process by proposing its structure and governance model based on good international practice taking into account country and local conditions.


Dusheti municipal government: Manana Narimanidze (Dusheti municipality mayor) 

Project team (project ‘Establishment of Sustainable Management of Aragvi Protected Landscape’)
Local project coordinator: Kakha Bakhtadze –
Project coordinator: Michael Hošek –

Director of The Aragvi Protected Landscape Administration Nato Tskaruashvili - 595 000 241